Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Career of Many Paths

Hello all,
Not sure what I'm gonna write about which is kind of the point of this blog. It's about uncertainty and spontaneity after all. I don't want to edit, I just want to let it all hang out...misspellings, grammar errors, political incorrectness....whatever.

I do know that there are many of you, out there in the world, like me: a person who has many passions, a plethora of interests, numerous curiosities, and oodles of obsessions.

It seems I have made a career out of changing my mind constantly on the things I want to pursue. Here is my list of college majors to date:
Freshman year: Music Major
Sophomore year: Business
Second Sophomore year: Music again
Junior year: Aviation
Second junior year: Massage therapy
Third junior year: Kinesiology
Lost count of years: Fashion
Multiple courses in: Marketing, History, Psychology, English, Art and Biology

...I have well over 100 units and just one little associate of arts in, sadly, University Studies.

I am determined, however, to gain a bachelors in SOMETHING so I can simply hold in my hands the piece of paper that tells me I am educated and qualified for some job in a cubicle. Ohh the joy when that day comes, at least for my husband who pays all the bills!